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As she gawked at her now feminine body, a slight flush coming to her cheeks, she stumbled back and fell over, giving a surprised scream as she collided with the ground. Checking her body once again, she realized that it really was true and gave a worried groan, saying, "Oh god no. What the hell happened to me? There's no way this can actually happen, so why?" She simply laid on the ground for a while, worried sick until, finally, she got up and sighed, "Well, no point is just laying here and whining about it. I've gotta figure out how to change back. The question right now is, how exactly do I do that...?" She then began to pace around, thinking to herself as she tried to come up with a plan. After a while she stopped, saying, "OK, I really should go see someone else so I can talk to them, figure out how to solve this, but I should definitely wait. I don't really want to wake someone up just because I'm now the wrong gender." And so with that she, very awkwardly, stripped down and went into the showers to wash herself off. The entire experience was extremely surreal for her, mostly because of missing a very particular part, having to clean her chest a little more, and also having to be even more delicate with her hair than usual. Once she had finished she wrapped a towel around herself, then began to use her hairdryer to help dry off. She was once again a little more delicate with her hair, not wanting to possibly ruin it. After she did this for a while she finally sat down, pulling on a robe that gave her memories of when she was a guy, causing her to smile a bit. Then she quickly shook her head, deciding to take this time to make herself breakfast. This was, unfortunately, made a little more difficult by the fact that she was now a little shorter than before. But, after much effort, and the help of a chair to stand on, she managed to get the bowl, spoon and Life cereal, quickly starting to eat. By the time she had finished it was nearly 5:15, and so she went to the living room, reading a book until, finally, she saw it was 5:50, nearly the time that Ignia would be waking up. So, getting back up, she set down the book and headed for Ignia's room, hoping that she might be able to help.

Once she arrived, she knocked softly on the door, hearing from behind it a groan that signified she was just waking up, or she'd just woken up right then. But after about a minute Ignia groan, "Who is it?"

From the other side she said, "It's me, Damian. I, need some help."

After some silence she heard Ignia growl, "OK, listen, if you're sick or something, then please, ask someone else about it. I do-"

"Ignia, please, just help," she whimpered, feeling a bit hurt by what she said.

Groaning, she said, "OK, fine then," then opened the door, asking, "So what is it tha-" and stopped, looking over him in confusion. Not only that but her anger seemed to dissipate rather fast. Touching her head, Ignia told her, "You seem fine to me, so what's up?"

She was silent for a second, then finally opened the top of her robe, showing her very small chest, saying, "I, got turned into a girl..."

Raising an eyebrow in surprise, she gave a small nod, surprised by this, and said, "Well, come in and we'll figure this out, OK?" Nodding meekly, she shuffled into the room and Ignia closed the door, patting the bed to indicate where to sit. As she sat down on the bed, Ignia took a seat in a chair and asked, "So, mind telling me what happened exactly?"

Looking down, she sighed, "No, I don't really remember. I went to bed feeling weird, and then I woke up, and I had a chest and, know..."

Ignia nodded at this, at which point she asked, "By the way, how come you're wearing a robe and no other clothes?"

Pausing for a while, she finally replied, "W-, well, I'm not really sure, but, do you have any clothing I could borrow...?"

"Sure," she said quickly, opening the closet and saying, "Go ahead, choose whatever you'd like. Just don't forget to return it later, OK?"

Nodding, she said, "Ummm, OK...Ignia, how come you're being so nice to me?"

A little confused, she asked, "Am I usually not?"

After another pause, she mumbled, "W-, well, not as nice as you are now. I mean, it's as if becoming a girl ha-" then she stopped, looking over and asking, "Are you being nice to me cause I'm now a girl?"

Ignia said, "No, that isn't it," but it was clear to her that Ignia was lying.

Shaking her head though, not particularly caring to call her out on this, she sighed, "Well, do you have any clothing you'd recommend I wear? I mean, I'd try choosing my own clothing, but I'm not sure ho-"

"Sure, that's just fine," she chuckled, starting to look around to find some clothing for her. After a while she pulled out a simple pair of white boy shorts panties, a simple sports bra, a pair of jeans, and a Rascal Flatts t-shirt.

Putting on all the clothing, she looked at herself in the mirror and sighed, "I look pretty dorky."

Ignia chuckled, saying, "Yeah, you do. So anyways, Damiana, mind t-"

"Wait a second, did you just call me Damiana?" she asked, feeling confused for a second before saying, "Oh, wait, yeah...I'm a girl now, so I guess a feminine form of my name would be most appropriate."

Ignia chuckled, "Yeah, exactly. So anyways, mind explaining exactly how you transformed?"

Damiana mumbled, "Like I said, I'm not exactly sure. I mean, yesterday I was walking home, and th-" and she quickly stopped, realizing what an idiot she was. She then went on, "OK, now I've figured it out. I remember yesterday, there was this weird girl, I think she was a witch or something, and she said something about, well, having manipulated a girl for my own selfish ends. Then she cast a spell on me, which I guess had the delayed effect of turning me into a girl."

Nodding, Ignia said, "So, what exactly did you do in manipulating a girl?"

She shook her head, saying, "Well, nothing really. I mean, I asked Sam about getting a relationship w-"

"Whoa, hold on a second," she interrupted quickly. "You asked her for advice with getting into a relationship!?" After slowly nodding, Ignia went on, "What the hell!? I can't believe you'd do something like that! How shallow are you!?"

Damiana just stayed silent for a while, then finally asked, "Is it really shallow to ask for advice with a video game?"

Staring at her incredulously for about three seconds, Ignia asked, "A, video game...?"

"Yeah," she replied. "Specifically, Persona 3 FES. You see, in the game there are these relationships you can develop an-"

"Nevermind that!" she interrupted quickly. "Point is some witch turned you into a girl, so now we just need to find them and get them to change you back, right?"

Nodding, Damiana replied, "Yeah, that's pretty much it."

She nodded, saying, "Then I guess now, we just have to find her."

Damiana nodded, groaning, "The only problem, I have no clue where she might be..."


As Mabel arrived at the cave early as usual, she found Viviane there, telling her happily, "Well, I did as you asked. That jerk Damian should now be a girl."

She sighed, "Great. Now let's hope that jerk learned a lesson from all this."

Mabel said, "Yeah. I mean, I sure showed that white haired kid not to mess with girls anymore."

But, to Mabel's surprise, Viviane didn't answer, instead looking confused as she asked, "Ummm, white haired? The guy is platinum blond."

She looked embarrassed, saying, "Oh, must've mistaken it in the fog."

She took a breath, sighing, "OK, I suppose you might've mistaken the color. I was worried for a second."

"But, there's no way I'd forget those red eyes of his. They were so surprised," she added, but Viviane seemed disturbed by this.

Turning again, she said, "Umm, Mabel, could you describe this guy more...?"

Looking concerned, she mumbled, "Ummm, w-, well, he was really short, like shorter than me, his hair was long and wavy, and, oh! he had some fangs!"

Staring at her longer, she groaned, "Oh god...Mabel, you cursed the wrong guy..."

She looked scared, "Saying, "Wh-, what!? Oh no! This is bad, this is really really bad!"

Viviane assured her, "OK, don't panic. It's fine. I wasn't specific enough when I told you the person."

But Mabel continued to panic, saying, "But if Matilda finds out about this, sh-"

"She won't!" Viviane said quickly, grabbing Mabel by her shoulders, "because we're not going to tell her. Instead, I need you to go and find the real kid and do the curse on him. His name's Damian Pacer, he's 5'6, long, straight platinum blond hair, amber eyes, and no fangs. Once you've cursed him, go and find the kid you cursed and set him back to normal."

Nodding, she then asked, "OK, but what will you do?"

She explained, "I'll tell her that you completed the assignment and that I sent you on a special mission directly from me. Now get going. You'll need to work fast."

She quickly nodded, saying, "Got it!" and raced off to finish her assignment. As she ran though, she couldn't help but wonder what the boy she had cursed was doing now...


As Ignia began her early morning training regime, she asked Damiana, "So, do you remember at all what this girl looked like?"

"I wish I could tell you, but she was wearing a big cloak when she came, so I didn't really see what she looked like," she sighed, doing a bit of training herself to keep herself preoccupied.

"Damn, well it looks like this is gonna be a lot tougher than we thought," she groaned.

Damiana gave a small whimper, then asked, "So, ummm, do you think I should tell Sarah about this? Cause I feel like, if I did, then she might go nuts and by a metric ton of cute girls clothing for me to wear, you know?"

Ignia laughed, telling Damiana, "If your sister saw you like that, she definitely would."

She sighed, saying, "Then it's agreed, not a word of this goes to Sarah, or anyone who would tell her about this. For now, we'll say I've gone to a friend's house."

Ignia nodded, saying, "Sounds good. So why don't you try calling up Sam? See if she would let you sleep over when we're not looking for that girl."

Damiana nodded quickly, saying, "Yeah, great idea," and pulled out her phone, quickly dialing Sam's cellphone number.

After a while he heard the phone get picked up, an audible groan, and then Sam let out a tired, "Hello...?"

Feeling embarrassed, Damiana said, "Hey Sam, sorry about waking you up. But this is serious. You s-"

"Who the hell is this...?" Sam groaned, feeling confused. "Is this a prank call...?"

A little surprised, she went on, "No Sam, this isn't a prank! It's me, Damian. You see, I got turned into a girl because so-" "I'm hanging up now," she heard Sam groan, causing her to quickly shout, "W-, wait! Just ask me a question! I'll prove it's really me!"

She was quiet for a while, then sighed, "OK, fine. What does my middle name mean...?"

The question managed to catch Damiana off guard, but she quickly recovered, remembering Sam having mentioned that once before, and replied, "Your middle name means star."

She was quiet once more, but it seemed like a more surprised silence, and finally said, "OK, you really are Damian. But what happened to you? How'd you get turned into a girl exactly?"

Damiana explained, "I got transformed into one by some witch, but the effect was delayed. Believe me, if it had happened earlier, I would've told you."

Sam sighed as she got up to keep from falling asleep, saying, "Well, just wondering, why are you calling me? Is there something you wanted?"

Damiana explained, "Well, I was hoping that, until things go back to normal, that you might let me sleep over. Thing is, I'm sure if my sister saw me like this that she'd end up buying a bunch of unnecessary girl's clothing for me, and I don't want that, so..."

She chuckled at this, saying, "OK then, I'll let you sleep over here. It's not a problem."

Damiana sighed in relief, saying, "Thanks Sam, I owe you one."

She replied, "You bet man, I mean girl," giggling more as she said this.

Giving a sigh, she said, "Well anyways Sam, I'll see you later, OK?"

She chuckled, saying, "OK, bye," letting Damiana say goodbye before hanging up.

Looking over herself, Damiana then said, "Though, I gotta admit, I should probably get myself some better clothes before I go to her house, just so I have stuff that fits me."

Nodding, Ignia replied, "Yeah, sounds like a good idea. We'll head out once I finish with my training, OK?"

"OK," she replied, sitting down as she watched Ignia continue to punch the bag.


"OK, are you almost done changing?" Ignia asked her, currently just waiting outside the changing room for Damiana to come out.

She replied, "Yeah, just a second," audibly showing a little difficulty as she put the rest of the clothing on and finally came out. She was currently clad in a knee length, gray pleated skirt, black leggings, a pair of black and gray arm warmers, a gray t-shirt with an image of a misty forest with the full moon framed by the branches, a pair of red high tops, and her old coat and hat. As she stopped in front of Ignia, she mumbled, "Ummm, s-, so, how do I look...?"

Smiling, she replied, "Not bad at all. They really suit you."

Blushing lightly, she said, "Thanks. I also appreciate your help in getting that training bra. That feels a lot better."

She sighed, saying, "Don't mention it. Now, think we should get going to Sam's place?"

Nodding, she said, "Yeah, we should head out," going over to get everything paid for before leaving with Ignia.

But then Ignia stopped, saying, "Wait, aren't we supposed to find that witch from before?"

Stopping herself, Damiana nodded, saying, "Yeah...I can't believe I forgot about that."

She chuckled, saying, "Maybe you're getting used to being a girl? Heck, I don't think you'd find being a girl so bad."

Looking over at her, she asked, "Are you just saying that cause you prefer me being in girl form?"

She was quiet for a while, then admitted, "Yeah, I do. I feel like, I don't know, I'm able to be friendlier with you when you're like that."

She nodded, saying, "That's true."

Stretching, she then said, "Well, let's get going then. We should go find that girl."

Nodding, she said, "Yeah, let's go," and ran off, hoping to find the witch.
In the last part of this story, Damian woke up only to find himself transformed into a female version of himself! :gasp: Now he has to figure out how to turn himself back. But he's not the only one who's busy. To learn more, stay tuned.
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xFirefoxgoddessx Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'd like to see what'll happen next:D
:giggle:Damian is also starting to act more like a girlXD Worrying about his fashion:D Maybe he'll except who he is nowXDD :giggle: jk
Well anyways,Great job:D
LittleShiro-kun Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
He isn't really worried about his fashion, but yeah, he is a little feminine at times. The story, once I get through more of it, will go into how he sometimes acts not too masculine.
Thatguyknownasdio Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012
That white, boyshort panties sounded kinda hot lol. I'm digging this so far!
LittleShiro-kun Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Oh, I'm glad you like it. Well, more to come, and I'll be having a bit of trouble later on. And that's all you get to know for now. ~_^
Thatguyknownasdio Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012
lol such a tease! Can't wait!
LittleShiro-kun Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I shall do my best to get it all out soon.
Thatguyknownasdio Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2012
I like where this is going so far. Keep em coming :)
LittleShiro-kun Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I shall do my best. ~_^
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